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Lilith Fair could be long gone, but Colbie Caillat, 30, Christina Perri, 28, and “Fight Song” singer Rachel Platten, 34, are reviving the girl-power spirit come early july on the 27-date Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour, which began July 10. The ladies dish on the must-haves to outlive life within the road.

Preshow Potions

Caillat: “I drink water and honey with a bit of Jameson before I go on. I have a raspy voice, in order that soothes it and smoothes out.”

Platten: “We have Jack Daniel’s on our rider, but we find yourself never actually drinking it. You have to be in amazing contour around tour in this way, therefore you can’t party an excessive amount of. Instead it can be Throat Coat tea, green smoothies and water with lemon.”

Fit Tip

Perri: “I bring my SoulCycle bike on tour. The hour I decide to try spin is my Zen time.”

Platten: “I’m a yogi. I’ll do yoga in green rooms and beyond your tour bus. When I’m during my hotel room, I’ll power up the heat and convert it into a hot-yoga class.”

Perri “My favorite thing is my penguin pillow. Everyone makes fun of me, but I’m the individual who sleeps on every trip, so I don’t care. It’s failing; it does not make more dry cleanings.”

Tour Bus Tunes

Caillat: “Bob Marley and Tom Petty. The chill vibe instantly calms me down.”

Perri: ”

Dean Martin, old crooners. And funny enough, when I’m really homesick, we’ll blast Christmas music!”

Food Rules

Perri: “I decline sugar on our bus. I do let my band and crew are in their bunks if I can’t notice, so during the night I will literally hear them eating candy bars.”

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