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Rachel Platten struggled for ten years to make it inside the music business, and she’s finally hit the large time with your ex empowerment anthem, “Fight Song.” But currently, singers don’t necessarily ought to struggle: they are able to audition for The Voice or American Idol and other shows and attempt to get found that way. So why didn’t Rachel make it happen? Because she felt her journey wasn’t meant to include the easy way out.

After a lot of taking every gig which was offered and being constantly broke, Rachel tells ABC Radio, “People kept asking me, ‘Well, wouldn’t this be considered a lot easier? Why don’t you just go on the TV show?’ Like, nothing against those shows — ’cause those individuals have worked really tough too then when they break, it is not luck…it really is a lot of preparation — but that wasn’t how I felt that my journey was expected to go.”

She adds, “I kinda felt like I needed to develop it more grass roots…I have no idea of, maybe I wanted so that it is harder for some reason!”

Fight Song

So if Rachel chosen to reject the shortcut of reality show stardom, why did she keep pursuing music after trying and failing for a decade? Why besides decided on another profession when things didn’t happen on her? “I have this crazy thing in my head that does not let me throw in the towel. I do not know,” she tells ABC Radio. “I’ve been looking to explain it to individuals and I do not know how to explain it besides I think it’s nuts.”

“I think other people would have viewed these circumstances and been like, ‘Okay, clearly I need to move ahead,'” she adds. “But I would never let myself.”

But it had been those many years of struggling, Rachel says, that resulted in her finding a certain song that gave her the inspiration to help keep going — and is particularly now inspiring others.

“I think taking that long was what got [me to write] ‘Fight Song,'” she says. “So, I feel lucky that I didn’t seek to take a shortcut!”

Rachel’s currently on tour with Colbie Caillat and Christina Perri for their Girls Night Out…Boys Can Come Too Tour.

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