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This young artist – Rachel Platten has done it again. Her new hit song Fight Song has reached the very top of Billboard chart and it looks like it’s going all the way. You can download sheet music and piano notes here.

Download Original Notes

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About the scoring & Sheet Music

Not too complicated to learn to play nor to fast of a tempo (with only 88 beats per minute), this is a 7-page score originally published in the Major key of G. It has been transposed to various other keys to suit the needs of different artists. They are: -2 F Major, -4 Eb Major, +7 D Major, +5 C Major, +3 Bb Major, +2 A Major. The arrangement currently is for backup vocals, piano and voice in range of G3 to E5.

Fight Song Video Tutorial and Chords

Rachel PLatten Artist Pictures

free, download, book, artist, learn to play, mtv

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Download sheets for piano or any other instrument. Learn more about the pop artist

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